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Sunday, October 30, 2016

WangerAyu || EPOCH || A/W 16-17

wangerayu|| EPOCH || A/W 16-17 || EYO (top) X ANIYAN pants

•Creative Direction: @wangerayuworld
•Photography: @imagio_photography
•Model: @ruddiyeh
•Makeup: @ronaldthe7th
•Styling: @khenye
•Set Design: @wangerayuworld@tubber_art
•Location: @thecubecafe Phone: 702-467-6762 Email: Skype: afriqexpressions OR (702)608-4466

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sevon Dejana's Presentation of “Ohun Ijinle (Mystery)”

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 06

I just discovered another inspiring design label from Nigeria, "Sevon Dejana". 
Sevon Dejana is a women's wear Avant Garde-Couture brand that makes timeless pieces for all seasons. The new collection is entitled “Ohun Ijinle," (Mystery). This hot collection is filled with mixed materials such as:leather, fur, suede, velvet, damask, satin, feathers, crepe and some sheer inserts. According to the fashion house, the collection is inspired by the beauty and intelligence of crows.

The new collection is glamour personified and with such use of rich materials, we declare it--just in time for the festive holiday season. There are so many beautiful looks from this collection but we have selected our favorites for your perusal below:

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 01

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 03

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 04

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 05

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 07

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 08

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 09

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 013

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 014

Sevon Dejana - BN Style - - 016

Designer: Sevon Dejana @sevondejana
Styling and Direction: Moses Ebite @moashystyling
Model: Chinny Eze @catch22models
Make up: Uche Enyokwa @sutchay
Photography: Ademola Odusami @Mr_laah Phone: 702-467-6762 Email: Skype: afriqexpressions OR (702)608-4466