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Monday, March 30, 2015

Ciara's boots are made for walking!!!

These boots are made for walking!!!

This season, lace up boots and gladiators are all the rage. As previously stated in my blogs, each season I try to find one key on trends item to update my wardrobe. My key piece  this season (Spring/Summer '15) is a nice gladiator shoe/sandal. Though I have about four pairs already from previous seasons, I was looking for the new generation but at a very affordable price.

Stepping out: Ciara looked stunning in a suede ensemble that including lace-up gladiator-style boots as she left the Hearst building in New York on Monday

Runway ready: The 29-year-old's eye -catching footwear would have been a nightmare to put on were it not for the zips up the sides

 This morning  I came across two "to-die-for" boots that a true fashionista will find hard to pass on (an exact replica of Ciara's boots but a a fraction of the cost)"Beige Lace-up Zip Knee High Heeled Sandal ($149.99)": 

The second boot was the "Beige Strappy Knee High Heeled Gladiator Sandal" ($143.99):

I chose the second pair with the intention to wait till the Ciara boots go on sale hoping they would still have my size. Once I came across the picture of Ciara rocking the first boot, I suddenly remembered that I did not buy myself any birthday gift yet as is my custom, I dashed back to the site and ordered the Ciara boots--Happy birthday to me.  If you love this affordable boots too, hurry and get yours before they are gone. Please leave us comments and pictures of you rocking these "to-die-for" boots.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Tips on How Plus-Size Women Can Wear Prints

Prints look beautiful! They are carefree, colorful and energetic. No wonder it is a great way to take a break from the plain, severe and formal look of solids. However, if you’re on the heavier side, you’ve probably been told to steer clear of prints. Every time, you stand to admire a beautiful printed dress or skirt, you have that voice screaming inside - “You’ll look fat! Black is the only color for you.”

Wait a minute! Whoever said you couldn’t wear prints because you are plus-sized is highly mistaken. Black and white can actually make your bulges more visible to public view. As a matter of fact, selected prints can create an illusion of a slimmer figure.  Here’s how you can dress your plus-sized figure in creative prints.

The Solid – Print Balance

An excess of printed patterns especially in bright and bursting colors can become an eyesore. Hence, try your best to balance them.  If you have a heavy bust, go for a plain top paired with printed pants. On the contrary, if you have a heavy bottom, go the other way with a printed top and a pair of plain pants. Sometimes, even pear-shaped women can wear printed pants depending on the prints you choose.

A dress or a one-piece looks good in all-print. Make sure it is not all pattern; it should show some of the background. The background color should flatter your skin tone.  Pair it with the right footwear and you are ready to go. You can choose the print to wear depending on the time of the day and the occasion. It also depends on the fabric. For instance, a long maxi dress for beachwear looks great in soft, flowing fabrics and subtle romantic prints and floral patterns. 

What’s the right size?

This is one of the major debates on prints for plus-sized women. Some will tell you not to go for small while others will mention no large-sized prints. You should opt for medium sized prints that do not draw attention to your large frame.
Wear vertical strips instead of horizontal stripes as they take the eye top-down. Horizontal stripes will make you appear wider. Besides this, you can play with geometric shapes, abstract designs, floral patterns and art-inspired shapes.

Get the right fit
The print is not the only thing that matters. The fit also determines your overall look. Loose and baggy clothes will make you look fatter while skin-fitting clothes will accentuate your bulk frame. Therefore, get clothes in the right fit. If you want to wear printed pants, opt for skinny pants instead of a trouser fit. You can also layer your printed dress with a tailored jacket.

Color Blocking:
You can wear prints by using the color blocking technique. It involves playing with colors to highlight your attributes and conceal the flaws. The colors are used in a gradient with the darkest going on the largest part of the body and lightest on the slimmest. So, if you have a large bust, it is dark for the bust, light for the bottom and medium for the waist.
If it suits you, stop dressing to look thinner. Wear what you feel most comfortable and confident in!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Beyonce Rocking Ankara African Print

Update: The Jacket is available for $140 @ Demestiks New York

The talented Singer Beyonce posted this edited picture on her Instant-gram account. She shows here how versatile and mainstream African prints has gone. We love how she styled it by pairing it with a textured black colored skirt. Join in by showing us how you will style and wear your own African prints. Leave suggestions below. For more looks like this checkout our look-book at:!look-book/c1cq8

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Look Pretty In Lace – The 7 Latest Trends

Lace has a very formal and vintage look. For a long time, it was reserved only for wedding dresses. However, today, the fabric is making a strong comeback. It is being used to make dressy outfits and flirty weekend tops. And, given its repeated appearances at fashion festivals, it has made one thing quite clear - It is here to stay!

Get this look at:!product/prd15/3478266441/spaghetti-printed-floral-hollow-out-lace-up

Here’s a look at the 7 latest trends in lace dresses from the elegant and demure to rock chic.

1.      Colored Lace –
Black and white are the staple colors when it comes to lace dresses.  The latest lace fashion trends have digressed to play with brighter colors such as reds, pinks, blues and orchid. There are dresses in lighter, pastel shades too for those who like to keep it muted.
Instead of going all-lace for your dress, you can think about contrasting textures and fabrics. You can use lace only for the bodice. The other way to do it is with a sheer lace skirt starting at the knees.

You can always use lace in the form of trims and accents. On a velvet dress, you can use lace motifs along the neckline, the sides and along the sleeves.  You can use lace detailing on an open back dress too or the bottom edges. There is cut-work lace too you can use to decorate your outfit.

4.     For Casual Wear –
Casual clothing is meant to be light and playful. Lower quality, light lace fabrics are great for lace dresses and tops meant for casual wear. Opt for short dresses in neutral shades.

Lace looks exquisite when tailored into full-length flowing gowns. They look elegant and are the perfect choice for evening wear. Formal lace gowns must be made using heavy lace fabrics with large motifs. Mermaid gowns look amazing when done in full lace. You can also wear short, sheath dresses to a cocktail party with your friends.

We are familiar with lace as the fabric will fine filigree. However, there is sheer lace too that looks a lot like net. You can go for a sheer sheath dress or a tea dress with a fuller skirt. You can wear it with a slip underneath. If you are bold enough, dispense with the slip. Opt for sheer lace in sturdier fabrics.

Metallic laces are the newest in the lineup. They are modern, contemporary and grand. They are made in metallic shades such as gold, silver, copper and bronze. Eddie Redmayne’s wife Hannah Bagshawe recently wore a silver metallic lace dress to the BAFTA awards.  The glimmering appliqu├ęs look great for a nighttime affair.  Fashionably Chic Gal  has a similar dress in golden motifs against a black backdrop. 

Accessorizing Your Lace Dress
Much of your look is determined by how you accessorize it. Team your lace dress with chunky, colored jewelry. It should be in a color contrasting the color of your dress. For a more casual look, you can layer it with knits, jerseys or a jacket. You can also team it with faux-leather.So, don’t be afraid to wear lace. Use these tips and carry it with style. 

For more lace looks, checkout

Monday, March 2, 2015


When you mention the word Kaftan/Caftan, the image that comes to mind is that of a long, loose silhouette; an ankle-length robe with its sweeping, butterfly-like sleeves. The luxuriance of the cotton and silk fabrics add to its sophistication. However, it has not always been as we know of it in the present. For those unaware of the history of this garment, it made its debut around the 14th century as a belted tunic for males. Yes! For the men folk, not women. They were used by the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. The style, the patterns, the colors and the embellishments on the Kaftans/Caftans were markers of status. Later, it was modified and adopted as a form of female clothing and since then it has been used widely in the South East Asian and Middle East countries.
In the last few decades, the Kaftan/Caftan has carved out its place in women’s fashions, particularly in Western countries. Modern-day fashion designers have reinvented its design in myriad ways to create an outfit that falls into different fashion styles. The versatility, especially the ability to fit all shapes and sizes, has made this garment extremely popular. The Kaftans/Caftans from Dubai are known for their superior quality and unique designs.

The ones produced today are less conservative; they have been modified in their cuts and for that matter even the length of the dress. There are dozens of Kaftan-inspired dresses and tops. There are beach Kaftans/Caftans too. They are elegant and classy. Kaftan/Caftan tops are no longer than a woman’s waist. They feature straight cuts and better fits making the wearer look more attractive. Belted kaftans/Caftans with their cinched waists make the shapeless garment appear more fitted and shapely.

The long, billowing sleeves are a trademark feature of Kaftans/Caftans. Some of the traditional versions have long sleeves, but they are tighter and narrower. Emerging designers are not shying away for experimenting with the length of the sleeves. There are Kaftan/Caftan-dress designs with shorter sleeves, those that hit at the elbow or just below it. There are strap, halter and sleeveless designs too for women who love to make a fashion statement. The necklines have undergone a sea of change too. Where earlier it was only a high-collar, now you do get to see V-necks. You might want to decide what’s the appropriate style for you depending on the region you come from; after all a few states tend to be more conservative than others as far as women’s clothing is concerned. Afriq Expressions has an extensive selection of fashionable Kaftans/Caftans (!store/c139r ). With specialized design services, you can also have one tailor-made just for you.

Traditional Kaftans/Caftans were mostly made of fabrics such as cotton and silk. This was done for the sake of comfort keeping in mind the hot and humid climate of the states in which it was primarily used. However, today, given that they are deemed fit for formal and informal occasions, they are made in a variety of luxuriant fabrics for a look of grandeur and magnificence. Beachwear Kaftans/Caftan are made in meshed fabric. Modern Kaftan/Caftan dresses and designs are also a lot of more colorful than their counterparts. They have gone from muted colors to bright shades and elegant designs. One of the latest design trends with Kaftan/Caftans is the accents. They are embellished artistically with gemstones along the neckline and sleeves. One some, it covers the entire bodice. Embroidery is the other big thing when it comes to making an ethic and conservative garment more attractive.

Thus, the evolution of the Kaftan/Caftan makes one thing very clear that this garment which was once used to hide the female form is now helping her feel more confident about her body.  It is gradually shedding its conservative image resulting in universal acceptance.