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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Color Me Fabulous! A Simple Yet Effective Color Guide

One of the best ways to show off your own personal style is to mix and match with fabulous colors!

It can get tricky, though—how do you know which colors work together, and which look awful together?

Some people have an eye for it, but if you’re just learning, or if you don’t trust your judgment yet, then luckily, there are simple ways to combine colors so you look like a fashion pro—all without breaking a sweat!

First, let’s talk about how colors are categorized in clothes:

Neutral Colors

These are often used as the base color in an outfit, and make a good foundation for building your look.  They are not always necessary, but they are a nice fall back, and they always work!








Navy blue (sometimes)

Cold Colors



Purples with blue tones

Warm Colors





Purples with red tones


Now, take a look at the color wheel (pictured below)

(Thank you,!)

Pick a color you like, and want to dress in—the colors directly next to that original color are its analogue colors.

A good way to dress for success is to pick a color, and limit yourself to three analogues (that is, three colors in a row). Match them with a neutral color that is part of that same family, or is a good fit for your analogues.

Follow this simple rule and voila!  You will be styling in no time.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for looking your best?

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