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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Showcasing Africa's Best Fashion Talents:’s Fashion Editorial Africa Rising Fashion Editorial - BellaNaija - January2016
On Ajak – Couture Wrap: Nkwo, Top: Sophie Zinga, Pants: Omondi Choker: Needle & Thræd | On Maria – Top: Loza Maleombho, Pants: Omondi, Choker: Needle and Thread

In an editorial titled "Africa Rising" written/posted by IRENE OJO-FELIX on JANUARY 12TH, 2016 for , an in dept look at the fashion talents that are yet to be tapped into in Africa were showcased. As a fellow Emerging Afro designer, it warms my heart that the world is now reckoning with the unbridled talents that we have to offer. I am so proud to see these awesome talents  finally being appreciated and for doing it soo well as to open more doors for the rest of us.

Check out some of the styles below:


On Maria: Coat: Omondi, Pants: Orange Culture, Shoes: Shem Paronelli Studios for Kenneth Ize, Vintage Sunglasses: Christian Dior, Earrings: Third Crown | On Ajak – Coat: Omondi, Pants: Washington Roberts, Shoes: Brother Vellies, Vintage Glasses: Linda Derector Africa Rising Fashion Editorial - BellaNaija - January2016004

Top & Skirt: Re’, Shoes: Brother Vellies, Green Waist Bag: Tree Fairfax for Orange Culture, Fringed Bag: Nomad Vintage NYC, Necklace: Vintage Sunglasses: Vintage Africa Rising Fashion Editorial - BellaNaija - January2016002

On Maria: Top: Bridget Awosika, Pants: Re’, Shoes: Loza Maleombho | On Ajak: Top: Bridget Awosika, Pants: Orange Culture, Shoes: Loza Maleombho Africa Rising Fashion Editorial - BellaNaija - January2016001

Dress: Washington Roberts, Shoes: Brother Vellies, Ribbon choker: MOKUBA, Necklace: Vintage, Bag: Nomad Vintage NYC


Dress: GREY, Shoes: Shem Paronelli Studios for Kenneth Ize

As African fashion continues to make its inevitable explosion onto the international fashion scene, the world at large is now on notice that Africa's fashion talents are a force to be reckoned with.

Featured designers:

Bridget Awosika
Brother Vellies
Kenneth Ize
Loza Maleombho
Needle & Thræd
Nomad Vintage NYC
Omer Asim
Orange Culture
Osei Duro
Ré (Bahia)
Richard Braqo
Third Crown
Tree Fairfax
Tsemaye Binitie
Sophie Zinga
Washington Roberts

See more of the Editorial shots on!

Photo Credits
Photography: Ed Singleton for
Stylist: Solange Franklin
Editor: Irene Ojo-Felix
Hair: Sirsa Ponciano
Makeup: Laura Stiassni
Nails: Yukie Miyakawa
Set Design: Lizzie Lang
Photography Assistants: Max Bernetz & William Takahashi
Stylist Assistant: Kyle Hayes & Kristina Taylor
Digital Tech: Matthew Thompson
Models: Ajak Deng & Maria Borges @ IMG (New York)
Retouching: Silhouette Studio
Thanks to – Pier 59 Studios New York Phone: 702-467-6762 Email: Skype: afriqexpressions OR (702)608-4466

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