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Monday, March 24, 2014

Closet Organization Options

Closet Organization Options

How do you organize your closets, ladies?  For most of us, having a lot of clothes can be very fun…and very stressful!
Luckily, there are a lot of options out there for organizing your closet so that it works for you and lets you look your best, every single day!

By Color

Organizing by color is a classic approach—see your outfits in a cascading rainbow, which not only allows you to find items easily, but also to put them away with ease!
You can organize both your hanging and folded clothing by color, utilizing drawers, shelves, and hangars to keep everything in order.

By Category

Evening gowns? Cocktail dresses? Winter coats? Sweaters? Blouses?
How about the casual stuff?  T-shirts, jeans, sweats, yoga pants…there are so many options!
Organizing by category (“Elegant” “At Home” “Day-to-Day”) can alleviate a lot of stress by letting you know exactly which outfit options are where.  You can organize by category, and know exactly where in your closet to go for what occasion!

By Frequency of Use

Some items are used only occasionally, while others are used every single day!  Put your daily items right where you can see them—front and center—to save you from the pain of having to dig them out of their place every day.  And let’s face it—we won’t put it back where it belongs at the end of the day, anyway, so we may as well make the “right” spot for these items in a spot that’s easily accessible.
For the things you wear only occasionally, putting them in a little tucked-away corner is fine, as you only use it once in a while!

Mix n’ Match!

Mix it up!  Organize by category AND color, use the “what I use most” trick along with color-coding.
Ultimately, how you organize your closet is entirely up to you and what makes you happy.  Your closet should be a sanctuary—a fun place where you can make your fashion dreams come true, not a stressful nightmare!
Need more tips?  Here’s an amazing video with some great examples and in-depth explanations to make it easy for you!

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