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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Sundresses and Sun-Kissed Styles

Another reason to celebrate Women’s Herstory month is sunshine. Spring is peeking her head through the window. It’s time put away winter frocks infused with heavy sweaters and skirts, and instead look to lighter colors and fabrics.
During this renewal phase we choose colors, lengths, and styles that we find the most flattering. Spring is knocking on the door and with it comes the chance to upgrade to new and depart with older pieces that no longer draw us in.
How often do you incorporate your favorite colors and fabrics? I don’t care how cute a piece is if it doesn't feel good on my skin I’m not buying it. I adapted this school of thought working the concept into fashion purchases about 10 years ago, and I haven’t looked back.

I know women who will not bear shoulders because they don’t like their arms. Others, forgo shorts no matter how much sunshine spring and summer months offer. I don’t care for skirt suits where the hemline falls right at the knee, same for dresses. Max me out or give me something a couple inches above the knee. I also have a strong dislike for floral patterns, I think this dates back to my mother’s idea of dressing us alike when I was a pre-teen. She had a fondness for the flowers and pleats. Now that she is no longer on this plane with me, I look at those pictures in appreciation of her personal style and desire to dress us in similar dresses a few times. It doesn't make me rush to either, but I appreciate having the memories.
One piece that most women can agree is a fantabulous sundress. Cool and breezy they can take you to work, and straight to an after-work affair with minimum fuss. Paired with a blazer or dressy sweater the flow between scenes is effortless.

I keep tan, black, white, and cream blazers on hand and I adore the look. When I want to enjoy the sun kissing my shoulders the blazer comes off. When I’m in a restaurant or other venue where the air conditioning makes my teeth chatter, the blazer goes on. Simple elegant styling is a breeze with this jazzy combination.
I simply love the light feel sundresses offer. It is an item you can depend on. Fabric care is easy, they can be washed to hang dry. They travel well and you can count on them to be as varied as needed.
Enjoy some of these great looks for Spring 2014.
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