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Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Tips on How Plus-Size Women Can Wear Prints

Prints look beautiful! They are carefree, colorful and energetic. No wonder it is a great way to take a break from the plain, severe and formal look of solids. However, if you’re on the heavier side, you’ve probably been told to steer clear of prints. Every time, you stand to admire a beautiful printed dress or skirt, you have that voice screaming inside - “You’ll look fat! Black is the only color for you.”

Wait a minute! Whoever said you couldn’t wear prints because you are plus-sized is highly mistaken. Black and white can actually make your bulges more visible to public view. As a matter of fact, selected prints can create an illusion of a slimmer figure.  Here’s how you can dress your plus-sized figure in creative prints.

The Solid – Print Balance

An excess of printed patterns especially in bright and bursting colors can become an eyesore. Hence, try your best to balance them.  If you have a heavy bust, go for a plain top paired with printed pants. On the contrary, if you have a heavy bottom, go the other way with a printed top and a pair of plain pants. Sometimes, even pear-shaped women can wear printed pants depending on the prints you choose.

A dress or a one-piece looks good in all-print. Make sure it is not all pattern; it should show some of the background. The background color should flatter your skin tone.  Pair it with the right footwear and you are ready to go. You can choose the print to wear depending on the time of the day and the occasion. It also depends on the fabric. For instance, a long maxi dress for beachwear looks great in soft, flowing fabrics and subtle romantic prints and floral patterns. 

What’s the right size?

This is one of the major debates on prints for plus-sized women. Some will tell you not to go for small while others will mention no large-sized prints. You should opt for medium sized prints that do not draw attention to your large frame.
Wear vertical strips instead of horizontal stripes as they take the eye top-down. Horizontal stripes will make you appear wider. Besides this, you can play with geometric shapes, abstract designs, floral patterns and art-inspired shapes.

Get the right fit
The print is not the only thing that matters. The fit also determines your overall look. Loose and baggy clothes will make you look fatter while skin-fitting clothes will accentuate your bulk frame. Therefore, get clothes in the right fit. If you want to wear printed pants, opt for skinny pants instead of a trouser fit. You can also layer your printed dress with a tailored jacket.

Color Blocking:
You can wear prints by using the color blocking technique. It involves playing with colors to highlight your attributes and conceal the flaws. The colors are used in a gradient with the darkest going on the largest part of the body and lightest on the slimmest. So, if you have a large bust, it is dark for the bust, light for the bottom and medium for the waist.
If it suits you, stop dressing to look thinner. Wear what you feel most comfortable and confident in!

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