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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Look Pretty In Lace – The 7 Latest Trends

Lace has a very formal and vintage look. For a long time, it was reserved only for wedding dresses. However, today, the fabric is making a strong comeback. It is being used to make dressy outfits and flirty weekend tops. And, given its repeated appearances at fashion festivals, it has made one thing quite clear - It is here to stay!

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Here’s a look at the 7 latest trends in lace dresses from the elegant and demure to rock chic.

1.      Colored Lace –
Black and white are the staple colors when it comes to lace dresses.  The latest lace fashion trends have digressed to play with brighter colors such as reds, pinks, blues and orchid. There are dresses in lighter, pastel shades too for those who like to keep it muted.
Instead of going all-lace for your dress, you can think about contrasting textures and fabrics. You can use lace only for the bodice. The other way to do it is with a sheer lace skirt starting at the knees.

You can always use lace in the form of trims and accents. On a velvet dress, you can use lace motifs along the neckline, the sides and along the sleeves.  You can use lace detailing on an open back dress too or the bottom edges. There is cut-work lace too you can use to decorate your outfit.

4.     For Casual Wear –
Casual clothing is meant to be light and playful. Lower quality, light lace fabrics are great for lace dresses and tops meant for casual wear. Opt for short dresses in neutral shades.

Lace looks exquisite when tailored into full-length flowing gowns. They look elegant and are the perfect choice for evening wear. Formal lace gowns must be made using heavy lace fabrics with large motifs. Mermaid gowns look amazing when done in full lace. You can also wear short, sheath dresses to a cocktail party with your friends.

We are familiar with lace as the fabric will fine filigree. However, there is sheer lace too that looks a lot like net. You can go for a sheer sheath dress or a tea dress with a fuller skirt. You can wear it with a slip underneath. If you are bold enough, dispense with the slip. Opt for sheer lace in sturdier fabrics.

Metallic laces are the newest in the lineup. They are modern, contemporary and grand. They are made in metallic shades such as gold, silver, copper and bronze. Eddie Redmayne’s wife Hannah Bagshawe recently wore a silver metallic lace dress to the BAFTA awards.  The glimmering appliqués look great for a nighttime affair.  Fashionably Chic Gal  has a similar dress in golden motifs against a black backdrop. 

Accessorizing Your Lace Dress
Much of your look is determined by how you accessorize it. Team your lace dress with chunky, colored jewelry. It should be in a color contrasting the color of your dress. For a more casual look, you can layer it with knits, jerseys or a jacket. You can also team it with faux-leather.So, don’t be afraid to wear lace. Use these tips and carry it with style. 

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